First, we have to log in to the admin panel of the server and then go to the application manager -> Go to the application view -> go to the mail delivery option -> then go to the mail filters -> click on the user, and select user whom you want to set forwarding.

As you can see in the below screenshot enable the filter and then go to the define mail filters.

After clicking on the Define mail filters option we have to set some options.

1. Mail Filter name - mail forward with a particular subject

2. Filter priority - set on 1

3. Enable the filter - True

4. Action for filter - Forward

5. Parameter for action - Enter Email ID

Set the above settings and then click on Define filters again.

After clicking on define filters again we have to set some settings.

1. Filed = Subject

2. Condition - Equals 

3. Data - Set the subject 

4. Case sensitive - True.