There are a few potential causes for the feature not working as intended 

1] Forgot Password Property Configuration: Verify whether the "Forgot Password" property is enabled at the domain level or at the user level. It's essential to ensure that this feature is enabled in the appropriate settings to allow users to reset their passwords successfully.  

2] Captcha Verification: In case users have entered an incorrect captcha multiple times, the "Forgot Password" feature may become temporarily frozen as a security measure. This helps prevent automated or malicious attempts to guess passwords. To address this, users should wait for a certain period before attempting to reset their password again.  

3] Mobile Number or Alternate Email ID: Confirm that the mobile number or alternate email ID associated with the user's account is set correctly. 

Please review these points and take the necessary steps to troubleshoot the "Forgot Password" issue. If the problem persists or if you require further assistance, please provide us with more specific details about the issue or any error messages you are encountering.