To add the pattern filter kindly refer the below article and add the keywords <<Action Required,MAILER-DAEMON,Pending Mails,Email Alert,Expired,Expiring,Notice,information processing,Update Notification,cPanel,incoming message,server,password,urgent,alert>>
in the pattern filtering

Follow the steps below to create a new pattern filter in SpamTitan.
For information on creating a meta pattern filter, which combines multiple rules that have been created using the Test Mode rule type, see Creating a Meta Rule Pattern Filter.
  1. Log into SpamTitan as a Global Admin.


    By default, pattern filtering is disabled for Domain Group Administrators and Domain Administrators but can be enabled for these roles by your account's Global Administrator.
  2. Go to Filter Rules > Pattern Filtering and the Pattern Filters window displays:
    You can use the filter bar at the top of the Pattern Filter list to view only one or a combination of filter types:
  3. Click Add... and the Pattern window displays:
  4. Using the table below as a reference, complete the fields in the Pattern window. 
  5. Click Save to save your pattern, or Cancel to discard it.
For more information kindly refer the below link: