LegacyFlo is used to migrate email data from mail servers.

There are two ways to do this. One is to extract data from the source mail systems in EML or PST format, which is then given as input to LegacyFlo.

The second way is to access the accounts on the source mail system using IMAP.

However, the IMAP ports of the source mail server may not be accessible to the world. In which case, Mithi will set up a secure NATing server to NAT a public IP to the internal mail server. The public IP of this NAT server can be used to securely access the IMAP accounts on the internal mail server

This document describes the steps and responsibilities of the setup.

Step 1: Share the details of the internal mail server with Mithi to set up the NAT.

Step 2: The Mithi team will configure the NAT server. The configuration depends on whether you will be accessing the Mithi services over a VPN or over the Internet. Typically the configuration will take about 3-5 working days, after which the team will share the IP address of the NAT server.  For connectivity over the Internet, this will be a Public IP. For connectivity over the VPN, this will be the private IP.

Step 3: The corporate firewall will have to be updated by you to allow access from this Public/Private IP address to the internal mail server on the IMAP and IMAPS ports.

Step 4: Mail migration using LegacyFlo.

In the IMAP requests submitted to the LegacyFlo system, the Server in the Source Information has to be the Public IP address of the NAT server.