1. The mail cannot be viewed using any client such as Baya V2, Baya V3 or desktop clients, especially if the mail has tables, etc.

2. Only some emails received are in plain text or garbled.

3. Other recipients can see the mail properly.

4. The mail header of the garbled message has lines similar to content-Type: application/ms-tnef; name=winmail.dat. (The mail header of a proper message has the  content type similar to Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1)

5. Sometimes the mails have an attachment called winmail.dat

6. Sometimes the mails having tables etc cannot be viewed properly

7. Sometimes the mail is getting sent without attachment

Probable Cause

1. By default, the format used when composing an email in Exchange is HTML. If the format is changed to plain text or RTF these problems can occur. When MS Outlook connected to MS Exchange sends a mail, it determines whether the recipient is an exchange recipient or an external recipient. Based on this it may reformat the mail for each recipient type. The mail rendering is decided by the recipient type in the sender's contact list (In Exchange-Outlook setup).

2. Another cause can be when if extra HTML information is added to the mail content.


The sender settings on Exchange have to be changed as follows:

1. The configuration can be changed/modified Per Recipient.

2. Make sure the format chosen is HTML (and not RTF) by following the steps given in the blog below:

3. Make sure no extra HTML formatting information is added by following the steps given in this blog: