• As per the logs the mails are getting delivered in Inbox on the server
  • At the time of IMAP Sync from the third-party email clients, email is getting moved to the trash/Spam folder


  • Once the mails are synced to this client the mails are getting moved to the trash folder and deleted (expunge) from the Inbox
  • Since it is an IMAP account all the folders get synced with the server resulting in the deletion of mail from INBOX from the server


  • Please check if there is any filter configured in Mymail account.
  • Check if the particular sender is marked as spam in MyMail


  • Remove the Mymail application from your android device
  • Change the password of your account

It is highly recommended NOT to use MyMail application on Android as it does many operations directly from MyMail server, bypassing the Mailserver