1. Users get password pop-ups in Outlook for IMAP or POP access

Possible Causes

  1. Password entered is incorrect
  2. Network throttling for the email ports from ISP
  3. Temporary Network Issue
  4. Throttling on the SkyConnect server


Case 1

Verify the password by login to the Webmail. In case, the user is unable to log in using webmail refer to the solution given here

Case 2/ 3

Check the network-level authentication on all the email ports, if fails, reset the password and try again.  Refer the topic How to test SMTP server using a telnet session with or without authentication 

Case 4

Refer to the Product Specifications for the daily POP and IMAP limits.
If a user crosses the limits, his account may get temporarily blocked.

Some of the common cases when this happens:

a. The account is newly configured

b. User is accessing after a long break and there is a lot to download.