• User receives "Access is blocked' message when accessing the mail account using mobile. However, the user can log in to the mail account using the web client Baya.
  • User is unable to get access to the mail account using desktop/ mobile
  • User is facing an error "Access is blocked" when accessing the mail account using mobile/desktop

Possible Cause

Working of the POP/IMAP Bandwidth Limit

Desktop/Mobile clients may download excessive data via POP/IMAP due to various reasons. These include misconfiguration, multiple account configuration, too large mailbox, reconfiguration of large accounts, and so on. Such download causes

  • load on the server and impacts other users
  • incurs a cost for network bandwidth

In the case of crossing the threshold value, SkyConnect blocks the user from accessing the account using mobile/desktop temporarily for 12 hours.


  • User can log in to Baya to continue accessing the mail account 
  • User can access the account using mobile/desktop after 12 hours