Why should you add your Display Names to the User Policies?

Display Names are used by Spam Titan to verify whether an email ID is using someone else's Display Name. If such a case is spotted by Spam Titan where the Display Name provided does not match the email id, the mail is marked as a spoofed mail and it is discarded.

How to add the Display Name in the User Policies?

For Admins:

Admins can set the First Name and Last Name for all the users in their domain using the steps below.

1. Log in to SpamTitan using an admin account at mx1.mithi.com.

2. Navigate to Anti-Spam Engine -> User Policies

Here you will find a list of all the User Policies in your domain. There is a User Policy for every email id present in your domain.

3. Click on the Pencil Icon next to an Email Id to edit the User Policy.

4. The first line has two fields where you can add a First Name and a Last Name for the Email ID.