Problem: Domain blocked in SPF/ DMARC/ DKIM checks (for Inbound mail)


  • Incoming mail from a particular domain is not received
  • The sender gets a delivery failure receipt
  • Spamtitan history mentions the type as DMARC reject


  • Raise a ticket to Mithi support for temporary whitelisting of the sender domain ids.
  • Inform the sender that their domain could not pass the DMARC check so they can take the necessary measures to update their SPF, DKIM and DMARC records by contacting their service provider. 
  • The mails are rejected if the client IP is not a part of the sender domain's SPF records. SPF records can be accessed by visiting and entering spf:<sender_domain_name> for MX lookup.
  • The mails could also be rejected if they have failed the DKIM check. This must be rectified by the sender's service provider.