A “false positive” is a “clean mail” that was mistakenly detected as a spam mail by the spam scanning engine.

With anti-spam detection enabled, the content of each email sent through the SecureMailflow service is scanned and searched for patterns that are more or less likely to be seen in spam and phishy emails. To do this, the SecureMailFlow service contains a set of rules called spam rules, which are constantly updated via streaming updates.

Each rule is assigned a score and on analyzing an email, the engine adds the score of all rules triggered to give a total score called the spam score. The engine compares the spam core to defined threshold-based actions in the anti-spam settings. Sometimes the score determined by the Spam detection engine does not reflect the correct nature of an email, which causes a false positive detection or lets the mail pass through as a false negative detection.

IMPORTANT: Mithi cannot divulge the meaning of spam rules for security reasons. This could allow spammers to bypass the anti-spam solution.