If spam emails in bulk were sent from your account, the id will be automatically blacklisted under rate control to prevent further harm to the systems and servers. 

Under such conditions, you can take the following steps to strengthen your account:

  1. Check the logs of recent mail flow on SpamTitan for any suspicious activity.
  2. Reset your password. Make sure it is as per the Skyconnect password policy. Also, reset the password for any other account which used the same password.
  3. Scan your device. Uninstall any suspicious third-party apps which were recently installed. Also, remove all infected desktops from LAN.
  4. Set up a password expiry for your organisation.
  5. Enable access control to allow email access only through the office IPS
  6. Use a secure browser.
  7. Update all the devices with the latest version of reliable antivirus.