1. The mail has not reached the Secure Mail Flow servers and is pending for delivery on the sender's servers. 

To confirm, login to the Secure Mail flow console and trace through the logs.

2. The secure mail flow system detected the mail as spam and the mail has been quarantined.

To confirm, login to the Secure Mail flow console and trace through the logs.

3. The sender id has been blacklisted on the Secure Mail flow system for the entire domain or for the recipient.

Login to secure mail flow and check block list

4. The mail has been rejected by a mail policy configured on the SkyConnect servers.

Need to check if any Mail policy is applied at server level for user/cos/group. Details can be given by Mithi Support team.

5. The mail might be moved to different folder due to any filter applied at user or cos level.

You can check filter in baya and desktop applications. Cross check the filters through server logs with mithi team.

6. Check user cos

Check the user cos, check if any mail policy, filter, rule is applied to that COS. Check any prequeue or MDC forwarding is set to that COS or user. You can check forwarding in Application manager.

7. The mail has been delivered in the user's mailbox on the server, but not visible in the client.

Login to the user's account using the web client and check if the mail is present. If it is and not visible in the desktop client, then check the following:

a. The connectivity from the desktop to the Internet. The mail may not be downloaded due to slow Internet speed

b. The POP/IMAP configuration on the client.

8. The mail has been delivered and downloaded to a client configured with POP and no leave copy

Ask the user to confirm whether the mail has been POPed to any desktop or mobile client configured with POP/POPS.

9. The mail has been deleted by the end-user

Raise a ticket to ask the Mithi helpdesk to confirm whether the mail has been deleted by the user. 

10.  The date of the mail delivered is not synced
The mail delivered is having a different date than the actual date of delivery. In such cases, search for the mail with the subject through webmail in all folders.

11. The desktop / client anti spam solution has quarantined / deleted the mail.

Look through the logs of the anti spam solution