When I try to upload any file using the Open Store application, it is unable to complete the upload. The upload is terminated with errors at the beginning, middle of the upload or at the end.


There can be multiple reasons why the upload fails. Some of the common causes are as mentioned below:

a) Browser limitations

b) Insufficient cookie settings on the browser

c) Trying to upload from the Open Store application when the session has timed out

d) Insufficient upload speeds from the network

e) Time mismatch on the desktop used for download

f) Uploads blocked in the company firewall

g) Insufficient RAM on the desktop / laptop used for upload

h) Desktop antivirus blocking / throttling the upload

i) Corruption on the Open Store destination bucket due to previous failures


To debug the issue, we check each cause, starting from the most common causes

1) Use the latest version of the Chrome browser to launch the Vaultastic applications. This is to eliminate some known issues with Firefox and other browsers during the upload.

2) Confirm the cookie settings. For the Open Store application to work, the third party cookie settings have to be enable for the Vaultastic URLs. To do so, go to the Settings and enable third party cookies for [*.]

Once the setting is done, 

a) Do a hard refresh using Cntrl + Shift + R on the Open Store Application.

b) Close all the tabs and the browser window and restart the browser. 

3) If you had not logged out of Vaultastic, then logout and login again.

a) Close the Open Store Application Tab and dashboard tabs

b) Navigate to the Admin Panel or E-discovery tab of Vaultastic. Go to the user panel and logout

c) Login to Vaultastic using the admin account. You will be taken to the Admin Panel.

d) Launch the Open Store Application.

4) Check the upload and download speeds. A minimum of 2 MBPS (mega bytes per second) is required for successful upload or download. 

5) Make sure that the time on the laptop/desktop is up-to-date.

6) Bypass any firewalls or proxies for your browser / desktop. 

7) Confirm that the Desktop RAM is sufficient. A minimum of 4 GB RAM free is required for upload / download.

8) Turn of the desktop antivirus and check

9) Try upload by renaming the file on the source.

10) If the upload still fails, then send the upload logs to the Mithi team via a ticket. To do so, follow the instructions below:

a) Navigate to the Open Store Application tab.

b) Right-click in the browser tab and select Inspect.

c) Click the Network tab in the panel that appears.

d) Upload the file again.

e) It should fail with the same error.

f) Click the download button (Export HAR appears when you hold the pointer over it).

g) Click Save.