The significant enhancements to Vaultastic V4 are:

  1.  Discontinuation of the user-based plans that were capped by storage viz. Continuity, Tracer, and Durability. 
  2. We introduced a simple storage-based plan to provide more flexibility, ease of provisioning, and cost optimization up to 60% or more.
  3. Introduction of Vaultastic Inactive Storage to enable protection of infrequently used data at compressed costs
  4. De-duplication and Compression to allow even more cost-optimization up to 47% or more.
  5. The access to the Vaultastic Application has been de-bundled from the storage to provide you with the flexibility to offer access to a limited set of users and pay only for what you use.

You can learn more about all the differences between Vaultastic V3 and Vaultastic V4 here.