1. When the job is started or verified, the jobs fail.
  2. Reason shown is - Source: Invalid credentials (Failure) 
  3. Reason shown is -  Source: Application-specific password required:
  4. Reason shown is  - Failed to Vaildate Job. 

Probable Causes & Solutions

  1. The user id and password specified when connecting to the GMail account is incorrect. Please check the user id and password. Edit the request parameters and retry.
  2. For symptom 2: The Gmail account security settings do not allow LegacyFlo access. Update the security settings as mention here and retry.
  3. For symptom 3: Two-factor authentication has been enabled for the GMail account. Disable the two-factor authentication and retry.
  4. For symptom 4: This could be due to a timeout connecting to the GMail server and usually a temporary problem. Retry after some time.