Access Baya V4

To access Baya V4, enter the URL {domain} in your favorite browser.

You can find the URL on the login page of the Baya V2 interface or contact your domain admin to know the exact URL.

Login to Baya V4

Log in to Baya using your complete email id (for example, and the password. On successful login, the Email application displays showing your Inbox folder. 

Baya V4 has many exciting features such as compose in the local language, canned responses, email threads, encrypted messages, task manager, and an easy-to-use web calendar.


To start using the Baya V4 applications, you will have to do certain re-configurations as follows:


The personal address book created in Baya V2 will have to be migrated to Baya V4. The instructions to do so are given here.


With this release, you get a new calendar server in which the limitations of the earlier calendar server have been resolved. To use the new calendar server, you will have to reconfigure the desktop and mobile calendar applications to use the new server as given here.

Also, the Calendar events in Baya V2 will have to be migrated to Baya V4, the steps for which are given here.

Signature and Vacation Replies

Also, the client settings for the signatures and vacation replies will have to be done on Baya V4. 


To get an overview of the collaboration applications using Baya V4, refer to the Mithi Docs. (Email, Contacts, and Calendar).