With SkyConnect, there is more than one way to control the storage usage on the server. This is explained in the topic of Storage Management.

However, if the excess usage is large and across most users of the organization, implementing any of the methods will have an adverse effect on the overall productivity.

The suggested approach for getting the storage under control is as below:

  1. Segregate users as power users and normal users.
  2. Do not disturb any settings for the power users.
  3. Divide the normal users into
    1. Users using POP
    2. Users using IMAP
    3. Users using the web client
  4. For POP users, define batches of 25-50 and enable auto-mail deletion and set the number of days to 15. Note: For POP users, changing their desktop setting for leaving a copy on the server will NOT have an impact as the setting will clean mail only for the last 30 days.
  5. Once the storage usage for all the POP users is under control, define sets of 25 IMAP users and enforce storage quota for them. If the storage usage is way higher than the quota set, users will take time to clean up their mailboxes.
  6. Similarly, once the storage for the IMAP users is cleaned, make batches of 25 web client users and enforce storage quota for them.
  7. Make sure you have subscribed to the weekly quota reports to keep an eye on the storage usage for all the users.