User is unable to send mail to another user on the same domain

Possible causes and solutions

1. When sending the request is getting rejected. 

The user gets a pop-up message with the reason for rejection. Some examples of rejections are

a. The user's mailbox quota is full and the quota policy blocks the user from sending

b. A mail policy on the server blocks the user from sending it to the intended recipient

c. The mail size is greater than the maximum allowed

d. The attachment count or size is greater than the maximum allowed

e. The user has given an invalid recipient id.

f. The user has crossed the allowed number of emails that can be sent within a day

Ask the user to send a screenshot of the pop-up message which comes. The resolution of the problem will allow the user to send the mail.

2. The user is getting a bounce message.

As with the case of rejection, there are multiple reasons why an mail cannot be sent. The bounce message will have the cause and the resolution.

3. The mail is in the Outbox of the mail client and the sending cannot be completed as the client is offline.

Run the speed test on your machine and verify the internet speed. In case of slow speed, resend the mail.

In case if ports are blocked in firewall, disable the firewall or update the settings to open the ports for connection.

4. The connection from the client to the server is timing out

The outgoing mail has moved from the Outbox to the Sent Items, but the message is not delivered. To confirm this case, the Mithi helpdesk team will have to look through the logs and confirm. Raise a ticket to search through the logs.

5. The mail has reached the server and is queued for delivery.

Raise a ticket to confirm the whereabouts of the mail.

6. The mail has been delivered but it has been moved out of the Inbox by the recipient by one of these methods:

a. Filtered to another folder

b. Downloaded to a POP client

c. Deleted