Mail from a user on the hosted domain is not received by another user in the same domain.

Possible Causes and Solutions

1. The sender has misspelled the recipient id.

The way to confirm is to communicate with the sender to see if he has received a bounce.

2. The mail is pending for delivery on the SkyConnect

To confirm, login to the Secure Mail flow console and trace through the logs. The status of the mail will be shown as queued. If the status is shown as delivered and still not received, raise a ticket to find the whereabouts of the mail.

3. The mail has been delivered in the user's mailbox on the server, but not visible in the client.

Log in to the user's account using the web client and check if the mail is present. If it is and not visible in the desktop client, then check the following:

a. The connectivity from the desktop to the Internet. The mail may not be downloaded due to slow Internet speed

b. The POP/IMAP configuration on the client.

4. The mail has been delivered and filtered to a folder other than the Inbox.

Ask the user to confirm whether mail filtering is on and to look through the other folders.

5. The mail has been delivered and downloaded to a client configured with POP and no leave copy

Ask the user to confirm whether the mail has been POPed to any desktop or mobile client configured with POP/POPS.

6. The mail has been deleted by the end-user

Confirm whether the mail has been deleted from the desktop client.

7. The desktop/client anti-spam solution has quarantined/deleted the mail.

Look through the logs of the anti spam solution