When you start to upload a file to an S3 bucket on the AWS bucket, the status is displayed on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The tasks are further classified into Running, Queued, Stopped, and Failed. (The All category will show all tasks). The Failed list will show the temporary as well as the permanent failures. To confirm that the upload is in progress, select the Running category. The data to be uploaded and the speed at which the upload is happening with the estimated time left is also shown.

  1. If the speed is slow or zero and there are many entries in the failed category, check your internet upload speed using a freely available speed test solution. If the speed is not adequate (should show at 2-3 Mbps upload speed)
    1. Try from a different Internet connection or workstation.
    2. Confirm with the IT team that there is no throttling on data upload.
  2. If the speed is adequate and the data is still not uploading, you can try the following:
    1. Check if disabling SSL/TLS makes the upload faster (Go to the menu Accounts > Manage Accounts > Select your account > Edit the settings) 
    2. Delete the account and reconfigure using the steps given here. (Go to the menu Accounts > Manage Accounts)