To upload any contents to an S3 bucket, you need to enter the credentials of the bucket in the S3 browser.

Using your own S3 bucket

If you are uploading the files to a bucket in your AWS account, ask your AWS system administrator for the bucket credentials.

Using the temporary LegacyFlo S3 bucket 

If you are uploading to the temporary LegacyFlo S3 bucket, then you need to refer to the mail received on your registered email id for the temporary bucket credentials 

The mail will have an attachment (credentials.txt) with the following details of the S3 bucket.

  1. UserName (AccountName)
  2. AccessKeyId
  3. SecrecretAccessKey

  • S3 Bucket Name: It is vaultasticpstupload
  • S3 Folder Path: Enter the value of the UserName field in the credentilas.txt  


S3 bucket credentials for the Vaultastic V4 Inactive Store 

  1. Log in to Vaultastic and navigate to the Inactive store 
  2. Refer to the screenshot below to know where to find the bucket name, folder path,  file names
    • Bucket: The Inactive Store bucket for your domain as displayed on the Inactive Store App 
    • Folder Path: Your Vaultastic domain as displayed on the Inactive Store App 
    • File: The file name on the Inactive Store
    • Access key: Get the credentials from the Inactive Store Application as described here