1. Importing data to SkyConnect/Vaultastic:
    1. If you already have your data-files stored in an S3 bucket in your account, LegacyFlo can directly connect to the bucket in your account. (Refer: How to upload data to the bucket in your account?)
    2. If the data is in your data center or on endpoint storage and needs to be uploaded to an S3, use the S3 bucket credentials (LegacyFloTemporaryStore) shared with you when your LegacyFlo account was provisioned. Note that data on the LegacyFloTemporaryStore is maintained only for a month. (Refer: How to upload data to bucket in the Mithi account?)
  2. Backup to S3:
    1. We recommend that you create your own S3 bucket in your own AWS account.
    2. However, we also offer managed S3 services (VaultasticLegacyStore) which you can avail of. Contact our sales team for details.