Steps to configure the S3 browser on your machine and create an external bucket

  1. Download the S3 browser from the site
  2. Launch the S3 browser App.
    Add New Account window displays on the screen.
  3. Provide the s3 bucket credentials. (What are the credentials to access S3 bucket?)
    1. Enter the Account Name (UserName in credentials.txt file)
    2. Provide the Access key ID
    3. Enter the Secret Access Key
    4. Select to enable the Use secure transfer (SSL/TLS) option
    5. Click the Add New Account button to proceed
  4. A warning message displays on the screen saying “You are not allowed to get buckets list. Would you like to add an External Bucket? 
    1. Click Yes to add an external bucket
  5. On the pop-window, enter the bucket name in the format vaultasticpstupload/{Account name}
    • Where Account name is the username in the credentilas.txt file (What are the credentials to access S3 bucket?)
    • DO NOT append the bucket name with the “/” character. 
    • For example, vaultasticpstupload/collaborationretreat19092019
  6. Click the Add External Bucket button to continue.